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Students from Hood Junior High, Being Relocated to New Tech Odessa campus

By: Justin Kree    
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- More questions were answered Wednesday when E.C.I.S.D. Superintendent Tom Crowe spoke about the mercury spill at Hood Junior High.  

"Students for J.B. Hood will have classes and we are going to move them over to New Tech, Odessa campus," Crowe said.

There was a question about the size of the cafeteria over at New Tech, Crowe addressed that concern also.

"The school nutrition department will provide sack lunches for the students from J.B. Hood who are at N.T.O. N.T.O cannot accommodate another 700 students during the lunch periods," Crowe said.

Because of the increase in student population at N.T.O, some kids will be placed at other locations

"J.B.Hood also is the site of a self contained special education unit. Those students will attend Sam Houston Elementary," Crowe said.

Those taken to the hospital after Tuesday's incident, also left behind some personal things.

"Those belongings will be tested for contamination very soon, we are taking care of the school first, and we will be in contact with those parents or those employees to let them know what is found, " Crowe said.

It's likely that the student responsible for causing the mercury scare will face disciplinary action.

"I would say that a school has been shut down for two and half days, there will be some sort of discipline," Crowe said.

Over all the Superintendent wanted to get one message across.

"We want to encourage the parents to get their students to N.T.O. This is not a vacation. We need them being educated for the next two days," Crowe said.

If your child attends Hood Junior High and they usually ride the bus, tomorrow morning the bus will pick up students and take them directly to N.T.O. and if you're child usually walks to school, they need to be at Hood Junior High by 8:15 am to catch a bus to N.T.O.

Lastly, parents who drive their children to school will need to drop them off at N.T.O. located at 300 east 29th street.

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