Odessa Hospice House Closing Their Doors

Odessa Hospice House Closing Their Doors

Staff Report
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ODESSA - They help care for terminally ill patients who are at the end of their life.

But Hospice House in Odessa says they can't help them anymore.

They're closing their doors and we're told it's all because the new health care law has made it too difficult to do their job.

After caring for almost 6,000 patients and their loved ones since 2000, Hospice House of Odessa will be closing their doors.

The hospice house was unique to the West Texas region because it was the only in-patient facility in the area.

They also took special care of not only those nearing the end of life but also their loved ones.

Never charging them to stay in house in order to be closer to their loved ones.

Home Hospice says they are not able to keep the house open because of stricter government healthcare rules.

Those rules have made it difficult for people to qualify for the care.

Usually, Hospice House would see about a five to six patient intake. Now they're only seeing one or two qualifying for this type of care.

Hospice House says they are saddened by the news but are thankful for serving the area for as long as they have.