MISD Unveils Changes to School Attendance Zones

MISD Unveils Changes to School Attendance Zones

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Midland school district is growing, and that means changes are on the way for elementary students.

With three new elementary schools in the works, kids could be moving campuses.

On Monday, new attendance zones were unveiled.

The revised zones come after voters approved three new elementary schools in last year's bond elections.

"We have to now incorporate those three schools into our attendance map," Superintendent Ryder Warren said.

The new Bunche Elementary will be built on the southeast side of Midland.

The new Barbara Fasken campus will go up on the west side of town north of Hwy. 191.

The third unnamed school will be built behind Grande Stadium.

The new zones were drafted according to population.

"It's purely done by the numbers," Dr. Warren said. "It didn't look at neighborhoods. It's just looking at here are our 23 elementary schools. How do we even out those numbers as greatly as possible."

Dr. Warren said several factors will go into the final attendance zones.

"We really gotta do a good job of watching ourselves and watching our community grow over this next year to really understand what it's gonna look like this time in 2015," Dr. Warren said.

That's something they're already tackling.

"Actually look at the subdivisions that are either going up right now or are planned and doing an analysis of how many kids that might bring in to look at what will be the total building usage in the next couple of years," Dr. Warren said.

This is only a rough draft so MISD wants to hear from the community, especially parents.

Dr. Warren said the district hopes to keep most kids in their neighborhood schools.

They'll also take a look at the grandfathering system but again, it all depends on growth.

"There's no way we can make everybody happy but we're gonna try to get as much input into the process as possible," Dr. Warren said.

MISD is hoping to finalize the proposed zones by March of 2015.