Big Spring Parking Ordinance in Full Swing, Residents React

Big Spring Parking Ordinance in Full Swing, Residents React

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The grace period for the City of Big Spring's new parking ordinance has officially ended. If you're caught parking on your front lawn, be prepared to hand over some cold hard cash.

"When you have vehicles parked there across the yard, that can be unattractive to prospective people moving into the community," Thomas Hodges, Superintendent of Code Enforcement for the City of Big Spring, said.

That's why the City of Big Spring is cracking down. People who refuse to follow the new ordinance will be slapped with a citation. The first violation will cost $50. The second $150 and the third time won't be a charm. The citation will go up by $100 every time there's a new violation.  

"When we pull up on scene, we don't work it just for front yard parking. If there's a weedy lot, if the grass is over 12 inches tall, if there's accumulated items, junk vehicles. We work every violation that we see on that property," Hodges said.

Since the ordinance passed in February, citizens have been contacting Thomas Hodges to make sure they don't end up with a citation. He works with Big Spring Code Enforcement. His message don't park in your front yard and don't make your own driveway.

"Cars that are parked over water meters or sidewalks, they will be worked for right of way issues as well," Hodges said.

NewsWest 9 asked what you what you thought about the new ordinance in Big Spring. 

Alicia Luna says, "I agree. It just makes your yard look messy."

Jessie Radcliff says, "I can agree with this if the property is rented out. But if the folks own the property they should be able to park wherever/however they want."

Kaleb Headrick commented, "It's about time."

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