"RIP" Shirts Banned From Midland Junior High

"RIP" Shirts Banned From Midland Junior High

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some parents of students at Alamo Junior High in Midland, were outraged Monday, when their students were sent home for wearing a shirt in memory of Ronny Flores.

Flores died Saturday due to injuries sustained in a rollover accident on Highway 191, last Tuesday. 

The thing is the students were in violation of the school's dress code because Alamo is a uniform school.

NewsWest 9 spoke to the parent of one of the students. She said the kids were grieving and the shirt was an outlet to cope with the death of their young friend.

"They're rebelling against taking them off because they feel like they're being punished instead of having sympathy for them." Rachel Flores said.

NewsWest 9 also reached out to Midland ISD. Superintendent Ryder Warren sent a statement: "Unfortunately as a school district, we have lost students in the past. MISD has a very well thought out process to allow our students to grieve as much as they need to. We still ask them to follow very simple school rules, like the dress code, but we have very caring school counselors and staff who spend a lot of time with students to allow them to grieve as need be. We will continue to keep these families in our thoughts and prayers."