Teen Dies From Injuries After Tuesday Night Rollover Accident in Midland County

Teen Dies From Injuries After Tuesday Night Rollover Accident in Midland County

By: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - 15-year-old Ronny Flores, one of the four teens involved in a rollover accident on Highway 191 on Tuesday night, has died. 

The teens were driving east on Highway 191 when the driver lost control of the truck while switching lanes, the vehicle then rolled numerous times throwing all four teens from the truck. Flores, who is from of Midland, was eventually taken to a hospital in Lubbock where he passed away on Saturday afternoon.

NewsWest 9 spoke with his Aunt Linda and Cousin Savanah about how great Ronny was.

"He will be very missed. He is my nephew, the friendliest, funniest and the most fearless 15-year-old little boy that you would ever know," Perez said.

Ronny's cousin knew he was suffering and was happy that he finally had passed on.

"He just needed to go already because he was already brain dead. I didn't want him to just lay there without any thought going on in his head," Ozuna said.

Both Aunt Linda and Cousin Savanah said it was his sense of humor that will be missed the most.

"His funniness, his humor. He always made me laugh. He made everybody laugh. You can ask anyone who knew Ronny, he was just funny," Ozuna said.

Ozuna called him that night about an hour before the crash and wanted to hang out.

"I called him like three or four times and he wouldn't answer so I just thought he was busy. I knew if he was hanging out with me he would be safe and fine," Ozuna said.

Savanah knows that they will laugh together again.

"I wont see him for a very long time but I know I'll see him again," Ozuna said.

As of Saturday night, two teens are in a hospital in Lubbock, a 14-year-old is still in critical condition and a 16-year-old is in serious condition. The other 16-year-old is in stable condition at Midland Memorial Hospital.