NewsWest 9 Facebook Comments Fuel Questions About Why Man Was Seen Doing Explicit Acts in Midland Neighborhood

NewsWest 9 Facebook Comments Fuel Questions About Why Man Was Seen Doing Explicit Acts in Midland Neighborhood

By: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - On Thursday night, NewsWest 9 told you about a Midland mother who woke up to see a man conducting explicit acts in plain sight of her four year old daughter. We're told this isn't the first time 27 year-old Christopher Howard has committed this crime. After our story aired, our Facebook page lit up with questions and comments.

"Sick in the head but can't take chances, lock him up, throw the key away," Jorge Ulate said. Another Facebook fan, Matt Vero Quiroz wrote, "I hope he doesn't ever get out again. God protect our kids." Facebook fan, Kelin Jones wrote, "The only help he needs is to be locked up for the rest of his life," Jones said.

After all the comments NewsWest 9 decided to ask why isn't Christopher Howard behind bars if he committed the same act before and why, on his sex offender registry, is he considered "low risk?"

Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter, answered those questions.  

"What I can see in his file, there have been multiple cases, most of them have been when there are no kids around. That makes it a misdemeanor. There is no aggravation, no assault, no hands on, nothing like that," Painter said.

The mother on Chestnut Street, who witnessed Howard, is wondering why there is another sex offender living on her block with a school so close.

"They can't be 1,000 feet from a school. So what I don't understand is why is that one still here when we have a park and that school down there," the worried mother, said. 

NewsWest 9 asked the sheriff that question too.

"Unless they are already living there at the time. In other words, they cannot move into a residence within 1,000 feet from a school. That would be a violation of the restrictions placed on them and they could be placed back in jail as a sex violator," Painter said.

With the Howard case, this is the second time that a young child was present.

"There were three separate offenses but they were separate misdemeanors. Then he committed a felony, when a child is present or able to see. Now the second one, so the court could enhance it, and increase the amount of time," Painter said.

But the worried mother has a different thought.

"If he was bold enough to do that right there in front of us, is he not bold enough to take one of the little kids?" the worried mother, said.

Sheriff Painter tells NewsWest 9 that all sex offenders need to register their address, vehicle, who they are living with and where their job is.