Sex Offender Caught Doing Explicit Actions in a Midland Neighborhood

Sex Offender Caught Doing Explicit Actions in a Midland Neighborhood

By Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - To describe what this Midland mother saw Monday morning as "disturbing" is an understatement, she opened her curtains to a shocking site, a man masturbating right across the street from her home in plain site of her four year old daughter.

"My daughter was playing right here. And she was rearranging her little ducky's. When I focused, I ran over here and took her to my room and called my husband and said, 'you got to see this, am I seeing this correctly," the mother said.

There was a black male, wearing a gray hoodie and blue shorts, masturbating in front of the neighborhood. Her husband told her to get evidence of what they were seeing.

"Take pictures, take video, so I did. I was so shocked in plain daylight, out there in the middle of the street. Just smoking a cigarette in one hand and taking care of business. You'll see it on the video," Mother said.

She showed NewsWest 9 the pictures and video that she took. 

The mother called Midland Police, who came out and arrested 27-year-old Christopher Howard, who is already a registered sex offender.

Howard spent quite a bit of time behind bars and it's all because he's committed the same crime before. According to his sex offender registry, Howard has exposed himself to several other people, including a 10-year old boy.

The witness is upset because this is a pretty quiet part of town with a lot of kids.

"There are a lot of kids around. A lot of kids like to walk up and down the street and play," the witness said.

The family loves Midland and wants to stay but she said she will be more vigilant now that a different sex offender already lives on the same block as her.

"My daughter isn't allowed to go outside. Not even in the backyard by herself," the witness said.

To look for any sex offenders that might be living around you, it is public information. Just go to the Texas Department of Public Safety's website. You can choose to view a map or a list of the offenders in your neighborhood.