Ward County Sheriff's Office Searching for Missing Woman

Ward County Sheriff's Office Searching for Missing Woman
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

WARD COUNTY- The Ward County Sheriffs Office is working hard to try and locate a missing woman. We're told 42-year-old Billie Diane Dale was last seen on March 10 around 5 a.m. The sheriffs office said Billie was living with her husband on an oil rig, just north of Barstow on County Road 162. Officials said Billie was only living there for a few days when she allegedly just walked out and left.

"An employee there at the rig came and reported that she had left walking and had not returned," Ward County Sheriff, Mikel Strickland, said.

Ward County officials tell NewsWest 9 that Billie did take some cash, a credit card and possibly a cell phone but we're also told she did leave without an important item.

"We know that she was taking medications for depression at the time. We know that the medication was left at the trailer at the rig," Strickland said.

Officials said they're still trying to piece everything together.

"We don't know all the circumstances, if it was common for her to do. It sounds like it may have been for her to just storm off and leave but to leave on foot in that area would be very unusual unless you had someone to come pick you up," Strickland said. 

We're told there are no witnesses and all officials can do is search the area for clues.

"We did conduct a search of the field by foot, we didn't find anything. We had DPS fly the area on Wednesday with a helicopter with no results," Strickland said.

The Sheriff's Office said this is still an ongoing investigation.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Billie Diane Dale, you're ask to call the Ward County Sheriffs Office at 432-943-6703.