Big Spring Water Treatment Plant Shut Down for the Next 36 Hours

Big Spring Water Treatment Plant Shut Down for the Next 36 Hours

By: Justin Kree

News West 9

BIG SPRING- Water is shut off in the City of Big Spring for the next 36 hours, it's all to make some major upgrades to the city's water plant.

From 9 p.m. Tuesday until 9 a.m. Thursday morning, the City of Big Spring is performing essential upgrades to the water treatment plant.

"Regular household use, we should have enough water in our storage tanks. Our system will be running, we have to shut down the plant itself," Johnny Womack, with the City of Big Spring, said.

The repairs that need to be done is extensive and shutting down the plant is critical to perform the needed work.

"When you change out big valves like that, 24 inch valves, you hope everything goes good. But you just never know," Womack said.

The ban includes all non-essential water use such as watering your yard,  filling swimming pools or wetting the ground for construction use.

NewsWest 9 spoke with residents around town who had no idea the temporary ban was in effect. They seem to be upset with not being able to wash their car for 36 hours.

"We were just talking about me going and washing my car. It's ok but I wish I would of known," Big Spring Resident, Tandace Gilliam, said. 

"We were going to go to the lake to go fishing. The truck is going to be dirty so we should wash it and we can't now," Big Spring Resident, Eddie Sims, said.

Some of the problems that people may experience during the next 36 hours include having low water pressure, air in the water, or even loss of water. City officials say they don't anticipate any of those problems if the residents conserve water during the ban.

Overall, residents feel this is needed or they wouldn't be doing it.

"We definitely need to get the water going in Big Spring. I think it's a wonderful thing actually," Gilliam said.

Officials say if you have any questions about the ban, you can call Big Spring Public Works at (432) 264-2501.