Fort Stockton Boy Receives Terroristic Threat From Classmate

Fort Stockton Boy Receives Terroristic Threat From Classmate
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON- It was just a few weeks ago when a Fort Stockton boy got in his mom's car after school and told her he had been bullied. Now that same exact bullying incident is being considered by police as a terroristic threat.

"I didn't know what to think at first I was like are you lying? Are you serious? Somebody just said that to you?," Krystal Stevens, mother of the bullied student, said.

Krystal Stevens is the mother of Konner Orndorff, who is a fourth grader at the intermediate school in Fort Stockton. During the last week of February, Krystal said she could tell something was wrong with Konner after school so she asked if everything was alright and what Konner told her was more than frightening.

"He said there was three other kids walking by him and one of them made a threat. He told him that he would bring a gun to school and take care of him because my son was from the country and he was from the streets," Krystal said.

Krystal said that she immediately called the school principal who told her he would notify police.  
"It really upset me so I was just scared for him and for other students that somebody may actually bring a gun to school especially with all the tragedies that have happened," Krystal said.  

"Well what if he really brings the gun to school and really takes care of me? Or what if he brings the gun to school and really takes care of everybody else," Konner said.

The Fort Stockton Police Department told NewsWest 9, they have been made aware of the threat and they said this is something they take very seriously.

"We referred the defendant in this case to the juvenile system and it goes through a process with the juvenile authorities. There's an intake process and then eventually to the court proceedings and this particular incident was filed as a terroristic threat," Lisa Tarango, with Fort Stockton Police, said. 

Krystal and Konner said they just want someone to take action.
"I definitely want something done about it. I don't think this student should be able to go around and threaten people's lives and get away with it," Krystal said.

"I would like to see him get suspended for making that threat," Konner said.