Lovington Man Found Dead in Mexico

Lovington Man Found Dead in Mexico
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

LOVINGTON- Just a few weeks ago, a Lovington family received a phone call no one ever wants get. Jorge Kawaha was told his grandson, Alejandro Kawaha, was brutally murdered while he was visiting his mother in Mexico.

"He went to a barbeque and never returned home the next day. He was found dead. He was stabbed in the chest and in the neck and so was the other friend that was with him. They found him in the trunk of the car," Jorge Kawaha, Alejandro's grandfather, said.

The family tells NewsWest 9 that Alejandro has been living in Lovington for the past three years but went to Mexico in hopes of bringing his mom back with him.

On February 28th, his last night in Mexico, he got invited out around 11 p.m. The next day, on March first, the car Alejandro was driving was found in the middle of the road and he and his friend, Alan Chavira, were dead inside the trunk.

"His mom can't comprehend he's dead. He had no problems," Kawaha said.

His grandfather tells NewsWest 9, Alejandro was recently married and his wife is three months pregnant. He said the family believes they'll never know what happened or who did this to Alejandro.

"I don't expect anything from the investigation because they don't do anything over there. There are no investigations over there, somebody killed somebody and this case is closed, that's it," Kawaha said.

After what he's gone through, Kawaha warns those who may be traveling to Mexico to be cautious.

"I recommend that people who do travel over there be very careful as soon as you cross the border, somebody is watching you," Kawaha said.

Lea County Sheriffs office tells NewsWest 9, they can't get involved because Mexican authorities have not asked for their assistance.