Neighbor Speaks Out About Odessa Shooting

Neighbor Speaks Out About Odessa Shooting

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A woman who was shot in Odessa on Friday night allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend is still in the hospital. Kimberly Root suffered a major gunshot wound. Police say her boyfriend, Eric Holguin, is behind bars. NewsWest 9 is still waiting to hear details that led to the shooting but a witness told NewsWest 9 her account of how everything happened.

Brian Brady didn't wake up to the gunshot. It's what happened after that got him out of bed.

"I was sound asleep and I heard crying. I thought it was coming from my house, it was so loud," he said.

Brady lives in the house next door to where 23 year-old Kimberly Root had been shot at the hands of her boyfriend, Eric Holguin. The shooting happened in the 900 block of West 23rd Street on Friday night.

When Brady walked out next to the yard laden with the yellow caution tape, he saw one young man standing, while the other revealed himself to be the source of the agonizing cries.

"I saw the one brother there and he just had a look of horror on his face and I didn't know what had happened. I had no idea and I just looked over at the one brother and I said, 'just hang in there. Whatever's happened, it's gonna be alright,'" Brady said.

Brady has known Holguin's family for almost 20 years and recalled playing basketball in front of his house with the young boys. Despite some differences, "They're relatively normal kids, I guess. I mean kids get in trouble, we all get in trouble one way or the other," he said.  

But this was different. Holguin had sent Root, who has a young child, to the hospital with life threatening injuries and Brady says Holguin was a mess. 

"He was down on all fours, almost in a fetal position, absolutely distraught," he described, adding that it left Brady thinking, hoping it was an accident. "That was a heart-broken individual and someone that I believe based on what I saw, my humbled opinion, that was very hurt, whatever happened, that was not somebody that was vicious," he said.

But regardless of whether it was reckless or intentional, a loaded gun had been pointed and fired at Root. Police arrested Holguin on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a first degree felony.  

"They've got their whole lives ahead of them. Talk about a tragedy. My gosh. I just hope as a neighborhood we can come together and help these people over here. The girl plus the family this happened to," Brady said.

As of Sunday, Root was still listed in critical condition. If her condition deteriorates, Holguin's charge could change.