Odessa Family's Dog Shot and Killed, Police Investigating Animal Cruelty

Odessa Family's Dog Shot and Killed, Police Investigating Animal Cruelty

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa family's dog was shot and killed in their own back yard. Now police are looking for a suspect and the family said they think they know who pulled the trigger.

It's a memory Priscilla Cisneros and her family are trying to forget.

"We heard our dog make just this awful noise, you know how they yelp or whatever," Priscilla said. "My husband came in and said our dog's been shot."

Around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, someone shot the family's beloved Basset Hound, Bennie, in the head with a pellet gun.

"Bennie's eyes were rolling back, he was bleeding from his nose," Priscilla said. "He was already in shock."

The bullet shattered in Bennie's brain. He was slowly dying so the eight-month-old puppy was eventually put down.

"We adopted him at the Humane Society," Priscilla said. "We were trying to help a dog get a home and then this is where his life ended."

The family called police and asked nearby homeowners if they saw anything suspicious.

According to Priscilla, a neighbor revealed a shocking allegation about their roommate.

"She asked the guy 'What did you do?' He said 'I went out for a smoke' and supposedly he finally admitted 'I shot their dog,'" Priscilla said.

The family believes the suspect is someone who was briefly living in the neighborhood.

Priscilla thinks Bennie's bark cost him his life.

"I can't imagine having anybody go through that and how a person can just come and just shoot a dog just for barking," Priscilla said.

The neighbor who made the claim gave a witness statement to police. We're told the alleged suspect has been kicked out of the neighbor's house.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation so little information has been released. However they're looking for a white male who's around 25 years old.

"Animal cruelty is very serious just like any other charge, this is a felony charge," Cpl. Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department, said.

As for the family, they're holding on to the memories of Bennie and hoping for justice.

"He was a part of our family just like our English bulldog and our Chihuahua," Priscilla said.

The family told NewsWest 9 some neighbors have surveillance around their homes so they're hoping to find some evidence on video and to get a better description of the suspect.