Andrews Looks Ahead to Next Election: Larry Brewer Decides to Run

Andrews Looks Ahead to Next Election: Larry Brewer Decides to Run
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS-  The primary elections came to an end on Tuesday but Andrews is already looking ahead to the upcoming elections in May. The small town is going to have some big decisions to make this year as they elect a new Mayor.

It's something Larry Brewer never thought about doing but with a little encouragement from his peers he decided to run for the big position.     
"I got a lot of input so I decided that maybe I should do this," Brewer said.

Larry has lived in Andrews for 30 years and for 25 of those years he's been serving as a preacher at the City of Refuge Church. He first got his start in town as a computer salesman. Larry said his history in marketing and his law degree are just a few of the things that make him a great mayor candidate.

"I think the things that I have learned being in Andrews for 30 years will assist me. Having to sell ideas in my life history, I think that will serve me well going forward," Brewer said.

Unlike his opponent, Flora Braly, Larry has never served on the City Council but he did serve alongside his good friend and former mayor, Bob Zap, in the church community. He said his main goal is to continue Zaps legacy.

"I don't think you replace Bob Zap but I think you can continue the things that he did. I learned a lot from that man," Brewer said.

If elected, Larry said bringing big changes to the community is not on his to do list. His motto is simply you can't fix what's not broken.

"Change is always with us but some things don't need to be changed, they need to be utilized going forward. I think the things that Andrews has experienced over the past 15 years is something that I would try to not change," Brewer said.

But no matter what happens, Larry said he will always care about his town.

"I love Andrews!" Brewer said.