Dangerous Intersection in Odessa Outrages Neighbors

Dangerous Intersection in Odessa Outrages Neighbors

By: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  One neighborhood in Odessa is complaining that drivers treat their streets like highways.

"We can hear screeching sounds at night in bed. I hear them that often," Neighbor, Susan Fuentes, said. 

Fuentes is talking about people slamming on their breaks at all hours of the day at the intersection of Pleasant and 31st Street.

"They are coming to fast and they don't stop. Even if they see that big sign there, they're not going to stop," Fuentes said.

On Wednesday night, someone drove into the sign and damaged it. It's an occurrence that is all to frequent for those living near the intersection.

NewsWest 9 spoke with officials in Odessa and they were unaware of the many problems at Pleasant and 31st.

"We had a crew go out and the two way arrow sign is damaged and they are working to repair that today (Thursday), but there has not been an official report to the city by anyone in that area that this has happened," Andrea Goodson, with the City of Odessa, said.

Sure enough, when NewsWest 9 went to the intersection, city crews just got done fixing the sign. Goodson tells NewsWest 9, there hasn't been a report filed in over a year about the problems at that intersection. 

"Actually this intersection has more than is normally called for in a residential area. Five years ago, it was a big problem so they went in and assigned a bigger stop sign. They put in the double arrows and put in a stop ahead sign, which is more than is normally done in a residential area.

Bottom line, if you have a concern that's happening in the city, just call officials and let them know.

As for Fuentes she just wants something to be done, and fast.

"I think that if they did something more. I don't know if a light would help but the sign didn't apparently. I've seen it enough to where I don't want to see anybody die," Fuentes said.

City officials tell NewsWest 9, the two way arrow sign was first installed in August 2007.