New Details Released in Case of Midland Man Accused of Shaking Baby

New Details Released in Case of Midland Man Accused of Shaking Baby

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - There's new information in the investigation of a four-month-old baby who officials say was critically injured at the hands of his own father. The baby's injuries are consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

One month later, the infant is still in a Lubbock hospital and the father is now behind bars.

The Midland County Sheriff's Office is trying to piece together what happened inside a home in the 6400 block of South County Road 1288 that led to a four-month-old baby fighting for his life.

On Feb. sixth, the baby was rushed to Midland Memorial Hospital. The child suffered a skull fracture and had retinal hemorrhaging, something that's usually seen with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

"It's bleeding in the eye and it's caused by forceful action," Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter, said. "The child had to have emergency surgery to relieve brain swelling."

According to an arrest affidavit, the father, 18-year-old Michael Bragg told deputies his son stopped breathing for about 30 seconds after he tried to soothe the baby's teething. Bragg said the child then started gasping for air and began to "breathe funny."

After Bragg made some phone calls to family, an ambulance was eventually dispatched.

The affidavit shows the infant's mother told investigators the baby was smiling and healthy when she left for school that morning.

The mother also said the baby had fallen off a bed and onto some pillows a few days before but he was fine.

"According to our investigation and what we have found out and the facts, she (the mother) is not involved in this," Painter said.

Bragg repeated what the mother told deputies but he added that he'd also slipped and fell on some stairs while holding the child, but again said, the baby was ok.

However, an arrest warrant was issued after officials determined Bragg was the only one around the baby when he was injured.

Sheriff Gary Painter said they're not sure what triggered the incident.

"He (Bragg) hadn't said much," Sheriff Painter said. "You cannot take out your anger on a child that's defenseless. People that have children have got to learn patience."

NewsWest 9 has learned the baby boy is in stable condition at a Lubbock hospital but he's not out of the woods just yet.

"We're very hopeful the child will survive," Painter said. "There will be things wrong with the child that will carry into the child's life."

Bragg is charged with injury to a child and is being held at the Midland County Jail on a $65,000 bond. If he's convicted, he could face anywhere between five to 99 years in prison.