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New Midland County Tax Assessor Speaks About Her Plans, Controversy Surrounding the Elections

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - It was one of those most controversial elections on Tuesday, the Midland County Tax Assessor-Collector race. But when the results came in, Karen Hood beat out her opponent Manny Natividad.

"Well, I feel very relieved that the process is all over and I'm looking forward to continuing my services here as tax assessor," Hood said.

It all began back in December when former Tax Assessor, Kathy Reeves, decided to resign and run for county judge. That's when Hood was appointed as Interim Tax Assessor.

Now that Hood has been officially elected, she said she has a long to do list.

"I've already implemented some things that have been able to utilize our employees more efficiently. I've said all along this campaign that our focus is customer service because the citizens of Midland County are the people who paid our salaries and that's who we need to give back to," Hood said.

Hood also told NewsWest 9 that coming out on top wasn't easy. She claimed she faced a lot of allegations.

"Mainly that I wasn't qualified and that I wasn't experienced. I worked alongside my opponent for 12 years and I always worked at a higher level in the office than he did, so that was a little hard to take at times," Hood said.

Even though it was a hard fight, Hood said she’s excited for her future as tax assessor and is grateful for everyone who voted.

"I'm just real thankful for the support that I got and I'm looking forward to continuing my work here," Hood said.

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