Reeves County Oilfield Theft at All-Time High

Reeves County Oilfield Theft at All-Time High

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY - It's a problem across the Permian Basin, but officials in Reeves County say oilfield theft is at an all-time high.

The crooks are going after anything they can get their hands on and it's totaling a record amount in losses.

"It's tremendously crazy the way they've been stealing oil stuff. Its just crazy," Reeves County Sheriff, Art Granado, said.

Granado said theft in the oilfield is a daily occurrence. They file as many as three reports a day.

It may not sound like much but when you add it all up, the losses are huge.

"We lost about $80,000 in oilfield theft reports that we've had," Granado said.

That figure is just for the month of January.

Granado said losses have totaled over $200,000 over the last six months and he said thieves are going after just about everything.

"They take tools and they just sell them," he said. "They take anything from tires to diesel to copper. Anything that's gotta do with oilfield, they've been taking it."

It's all leaving companies with big headaches.

"People go and park their frac tanks and the next morning they show up with no tires on them," Granado said.

The theft is now the main issue the sheriff's office deals with. With so many cases, it's hard to track down who's behind them.

Granado said an extra set of eyes could drive down the problem.

"If they would put cameras up on their towers of the oil rigs, we could probably catch a whole bunch of them," he said.