City of Seminole Approves Big Changes to City Park

City of Seminole Approves Big Changes to City Park
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - Dozens of dead trees and run down equipment is a familiar sight at M.S. Doss Park in Seminole, but just last week city officials approved to do some major renovations to the area.

"First off, start removing trees. We got a bunch of elm trees that are 50 to 60 years old and they're starting to die," Seminole City Manager, Tommy Phillips, said.

Phillips told NewsWest 9, M.S. Doss Park is over 50 years old and is in need of some major TLC. The park revamp is expected to take anywhere between three to five years.

"We want to replace park benches, picnic tables. We got some playground equipment that is about 15 years old that needs to be replaced," Phillips said.

Those renovations alone will cost the town about $150,000 but the park could potentially add an extra feature. A brand new splash pad for kids which will be an extra $625,000 to the grand total.

"That will be the big project that will be fairly costly to do and so we're talking to partners about helping us provide that for the kids," Phillips said.

Phillips also says the splash pad will either get approved or denied by city officials in the next few months. If they get the go ahead, that project will be completed by summer of  2015. The city said they're looking forward to bringing some big changes to the small town.

"We think that when we get through with this, it's going to be a premiere park, something that we will really be proud of and that we can show off to people," Phillips said.