Another Woman Arrested After Newborn Tested Positive for Cocaine

Another Woman Arrested After Newborn Tested Positive for Cocaine

By Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa woman was arrested on Friday after her newborn baby tested positive for cocaine. 30-year old Monica Gonzalez admitted to smoking crack cocaine while she was pregnant.

On January 24, Odessa police were contacted by the Department of Family Protective Services after a newborn tested positive for cocaine at Medical Center Hospital.  

"Investigators did obtain an arrest warrant for Monica Gonzalez for the offense of danger of a child, which is a felony two. Officers located Gonzalez earlier today (Friday) and arrested her and transported her to the Law Enforcement Center," Cpl. Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department, said.

If you remember, 31-year-old Talisha Redic was taken into custody back on December 19 after her newborn had also tested positive for cocaine.
NewsWest 9 spoke with a licensed counselor on what happens the moment the child's drug test comes back positive.

"If they come up positive, CPS is called in immediately. I don't think they even let the baby go home, it depends on the home life. But they call them immediately," Genevia Slate, L.P.C. Intern, Licence Chemical Dependency Counselor, said. 

Many people don't realize the newborn child can be addicted to the drug that was used during pregnancy.

"You need to remember that your child is also doing those drugs. Anything that we put into our bodies, those babies are getting the same thing. An immediate effect for you, like cocaine use, that child could have a lifetime of cocaine use," Slate said.

In only a few short months, we see two similar cases.  

"Just like the other one, this is disturbing. Anytime anyone tests positive for cocaine, especially a child or a newborn baby is disturbing," LeSueur said.

In the Gonzalez case, CPS will determine where the child will end up.