Odessa Puppies Locked in Cage and Dumped at Landfill, Near Dumpster

Odessa Puppies Locked in Cage and Dumped at Landfill, Near Dumpster

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Odessa Humane Society is trying to find new homes for several puppies after they were found in a locked cage and dumped at the landfill.

Another set of puppies were found abandoned in a crate next to a dumpster.

It's something the society sees over and over again but Del Nesmith said the story behind the latest litter to come through their doors is just heartbreaking.

"We got seven puppies in one cage where they were left out at the landfill for two days," Nesmith said.

These playful mixed-breed puppies were locked in a wire cage without any food or water. The animals are only about eight weeks old.

"They were malnourished and they were in poor condition but they look good now," Nesmith said.

Sadly this isn't the first incident they've had to deal with this week. Someone left a red crate next to a dumpster and inside were five, 10-week old puppies.

The Humane Society took in both sets of dogs but there was a surprising twist. It turns out the litter from the landfill had been to the shelter just days before.

"There was a fellow that called us and wanted us to take those puppies," Nesmith said. "We recognized the puppies because he had brought them by and the lady that works here saw them and of course we were closed at that time and couldn't take them. I guess he chose to just dump them somewhere. He took them to the landfill and dumped them out."

There's no telling where the puppies abandoned by the dumpster came from but fortunately two of them have already been adopted.

Nesmith said stories like these are becoming more common. The Humane Society already cares for up to 160 dogs at any time. They're overwhelmed which puts them in a tough situation.

"We turn them down everyday, all day long because there's no way we could handle all of them," Nesmith said. "We don't have the facilities or the personnel here to take care of that many animals so we do what we can do."

To prevent more dogs from being abandoned, Nesmith is asking the public to reach out to local online animal rescue groups and as always get your pets spayed or neutered.

Since the Humane Society doesn't know the name of the man who came by with the litter of puppies, it'll be hard to track him down.

The puppies are available for adoption. The Humane Society is located at 7012 W. Mockingbird in Odessa.