Family of Missing Ojinaga Man Seeking Clues in Disappearance

Family of Missing Ojinaga Man Seeking Clues in Disappearance

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

OJINAGA - A New Mexico family is in desperate need of help. They haven't heard from their brother in over a week. Now, they've filed a missing persons report with police where he was last seen in Ojinaga. All they ask is for any clue that could bring him back.

Adan Flores Becerra was last seen in Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico on Monday, February 17. He lives on a ranch in Lomas de Arena, right across the border from Van Horn, but would take trips occasionally to Ojinaga. Family spoke with him on the phone that day.

"I asked him where he was at, he said he was [in Ojinaga] at a bar with his girlfriend," a family member, said.

They say his girlfriend named "Tere" owns a bar in Ojinaga named Montezuma where Adan was hanging out on Monday.

"I said are you gonna be ok? He said 'yes,' and that was it," a family member, said.

Family says since he moved to Mexico years ago, they speak with him over the phone everyday. His best friend who he lives with in Lomas de Arena was the man family members spoke with after Adan went missing. They say his 1995 avocado-colored Ford F-150 was last spotted outside of his girlfriend's house in Ojinaga.

"Tuesday we were kind of worried, then came Wednesday and that's when I spoke to his friend. I asked him to go see about him and he said the truck wasn't there," the family member, said.

Ojinaga Police also went to the home to investigate but the truck was nowhere in sight. Family says it's especially odd that Becerra's phone went straight to voicemail when they called to check on him that Monday night because he has three extra phone batteries on hand at all times.

"It's not like him. It's not like his friend. It was his friend that talked to me and he always knew the whereabouts of [my brother]. They were best friends. They went everywhere together," family member said.

57-year-old Adan Flores Becerra is one of 10 brothers and sisters.

At this time, the family is just hoping for some closure to finally get their brother back. If you have any information, you are asked to call Ojinaga Police, or (575) 390-9809.