Presidio To Add Pecans to Their Agriculture Industry

Presidio To Add Pecans to Their Agriculture Industry

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - As the City of Presidio is looking to grow, one of their main focal points is agriculture. In particular, bringing pecans to the region.

"Pecans are considered one of the best economical engines in this region,"  Jacob Giesbrecht, Chairman of the Presidio Municipal Development District, said.

Jacob Giesbrecht has been in the pecan business for 20 years. This crop has been on the upward trend since the day he started.

"Agriculture and pecans, is you get most dollars off of an acre," Giesbrecht said.

His goal? To bring pecans to Presidio. The climate is simply perfect. He is even growing them himself around his home.

"We've identified this region as one of the best pecan belts in the world, the region of Ojinaga and Presidio. The Rio Grande Valley from El Paso all the way down to Del Rio," Giesbrecht said.

To learn more about what it takes to bring this crop to West Texas, Mr. Giesbrecht took his family to Aggieland. They attended a pecan short course at Texas A&M. To Mr. G, it's almost like a cram course.

"In one week, they give you as much information as you'd learn in a year," Giesbrecht said.

One week, learning anything and everything about pecans.
"You learn how to grow them, you learn how to take care of them, you learn how to plant them, you learn how to draft them," Giesbrecht said.

Not too long ago, he also attended an Economic Development course in Chihuahua City. They found that one of the best economical engines in this entire region is agriculture. Growing pecans in Presidio, he says, will help economically by creating jobs and promoting trade. Plus, according to a new study at A&M, pecans are extremely beneficial to our health.
"If you eat a couple of pecans every day, your body will not make as much oil. Your liver will not make as much oil, which will not clog your arteries. It will actually unclog them," Giesbrecht said.

That applies to any of the 48 types of pecans you choose to eat.

It appears that many had pecans on the mind. Mr. Giesbrecht says this year had one of the best turnouts in the history of the pecan short course in Aggieland.