Public Hearing Held to Discuss FM 307 in Midland County

Public Hearing Held to Discuss FM 307 in Midland County

By: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- FM 307 has been recently overcrowded with oilfield traffic. The Texas Department of Transportation came up with a solution to handle the problem with back-up traffic. The concern with the strength of the road is also something that needs to be considered with having oil trucks more frequently on it.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Gene Powell from TXDOT who says the public hearing will be helpful when moving forward with the project.

"That's why we're having this public hearing so people can register any complaints if there are any," Powell said.

TXDOT will already be out on that stretch of road this spring doing a "rehab" phase, which is general improvements. Powell says this is a good time to "piggyback" on those improvements and go ahead with widening the road instead of coming back out on a different date. This way it will kill two birds with one stone.

"More lanes to travel is always better. It's just a good project to address some of those capacity and safety issues," Powell said.

After TX-DOT talked about the need for widening the road the public, for the most part, was agreeing with the plan. However, some citizens who spoke were concerned about not having shoulders anymore on the side of the road.

Many students at Greenwood High School get dropped off on those shoulders. This was a concern that was brought to the attention of TX-DOT.

Overall, the public seemed to be on board with much of the proposed plan. Powell feels very confident the plan will be a go. 

"We don't expect opposition but we certainly want to give the public the opportunity, that's why we hold these public hearings and meetings. They can go on our website the next couple weeks if they want to, if they couldn't make the meeting, they are welcome to do that," Powell said.

The estimated cost of both the "rehab" project and widening project is estimated $7.3 million.