Stanton Superintendent Releases Details About Multi-Million Dollar School Bond

Stanton Superintendent Releases Details About Multi-Million Dollar School Bond
By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

STANTON - $45.9 million is the price tag on the school bond for Stanton ISD. School board members gave it the thumbs up on Monday night to put it on the ballot. Stanton ISD superintendent David Carr told NewsWest 9 what that money will be used for.

"So much of our high school is outdated. We're looking at building a new high school and trying to meet the needs of what we currently have in the district and what growth may bring," Carr said.

Not only would the proposed bond bring a new high school campus, but would also expand both the middle and elementary school campuses.

"We're experiencing growth, particularly at the elementary levels and into the middle school," Carr said.

The bond plans for a new gym and a new cafeteria for the middle and elementary schools, along with turf for the football field and a resurfaced track.

Carr said the price tag was a higher than what was originally discussed.

"It seems the farther we went into this, the more needs we saw we needed to meet within the district particularly with growth," he explained.

Stanton ISD is a Robin Hood district, meaning they share their local tax revenue with other school districts in the state. But if the bond were to pass, the increase in taxes would stay in Stanton.

"You get to keep 100% of the money that's raised for your district, none of it goes to Austin," Carr explained.

Moving toward the election, Carr said the district wants to make sure the community is in the loop about the bond.

"We're looking forward to meeting with the public, to let them know what we're doing, why we're doing it. Give them an opportunity to ask any questions, that way they can be as educated as they can before they go vote," he said.

The bond will be on the ballot in the May election.