Neighborhood Wants Reduced Speed Limit After Deadly Bike Accident

Neighborhood Wants Reduced Speed Limit After Deadly Bike Accident

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A Midland County neighborhood is calling for change after the a nine-year-old boy was hit by a truck while riding his bike.

State Troopers said the boy rode through a stop sign and the driver wasn't at fault but neighbors said speeding vehicles have been a problem.

"We are gonna take a stand as a community and as a neighborhood and we are not gonna let another child of ours die," Amy Carbajal said.

On Monday evening, residents in a Midland County neighborhood protested and held signs with one goal in mind: to get people to slow down.

Just last week, nine-year-old Sammy Carrasco died while riding his bike along the intersection at South County Road 1311 and Bankhead Hwy.

DPS officials said the young boy ran the stop sign and was hit by a truck.

The driver isn't facing any charges but neighbors said they've dreaded something like this happening for a while.

"Speed limit is 40, people are driving 50-60 miles an hour," Amanda Bustillos said.

"They keep calling it a highway," Carbajal said. "It is not a highway. This is a little street in the county where our kids are playing."

There's been an increase of oilfield vehicles on the road along with regular traffic.

Residents are worried and they want county commissioners to step in.

"Get some stop signs, lower the speed limit, speed bumps, whatever we have to do to protect our children," Bustillos said.

"I'm sure they'd be able to do some type of traffic study to determine what are the best devices to slow these vehicles down," Emanuel Nieto said.

Nieto grew up in the neighborhood. Sammy was his cousin.

"They don't have sidewalks like the city does," Nieto said. "Something that can protect them, keep them safe."

Neighbors tell NewsWest 9, they know accidents happen but said they can be prevented.

A petition is now going around to get something started.

"I do plan on contacting the commissioner, getting a meeting set up and just continue getting as many signatures as possible," Bustillos said.

In the meantime, the group is reminding drivers to slow down and stay alert.