Famed Philanthropist, Clarence Scharbauer Jr., Dies at 88

Famed Philanthropist, Clarence Scharbauer Jr., Dies at 88

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - You can see evidence of his legacy driving virtually anywhere through the Tall City, an elementary school, the student center at Midland College, the sports complex, streets, towers and an entire foundation all bear the name and symbol of Clarence Scharbauer Jr.'s contributions.

On Friday, the man who gave so much to Midland, passed away. Scharbauer died at 88 in the hospital from complications from emergency surgery, according to a press release.

"Clarence Scharbauer was Midland personified." That's according to people who knew him personally and professionally who say they could certainly feel his energy when he was around. NewsWest9 got in touch with the Canon brothers, Mike and Tim, who had their own ties to the family professionally and personally.

"It was not anything new to me to know or to understand that the Scharbauer family had been generous," former Midland Mayor, Mike Canon, said.  

During Canon's time in office, they dedicated the sports complex to the Scharbauer family. He said as mayor, Canon never needed to approach Scharbauer for a specific city matter, but he says he knows he would have stepped in anytime to help.

"I would say the door was always open. He was always open to the idea that they might be able to do something to help Midland be better," he said. 

The Canon's grew up next door to the Scharbauer's. Canon's brother, Tim, especially remember's the man that had opened up his heart and home to him.

"I was over there more than home some of the time. He would come home from work or wherever he had been, and if I was there, that's what he called me when he saw me, 'Timmy My Boy' and that has always been a fond memory of mine," Tim said. That was the first nickname he'd ever gotten. 

Scharbauer was very passionate about cattle ranching and horses. He even owned a racehorse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1987. Some years later after the win, Tim remembered visiting the Scharbauer's home, where Clarence was just beaming as he showed off his horse, Alysheba's show room. But more than anything, it was Scharbauer's magnetic personality that Tim loved.

"I mean he could be in a room and everybody would be gathered around him listening to cow stories, horse stories, oil stories, or whatever he wanted to talk about and it was always a good story he had to tell," he said. 

Still, the Canon's know the Scharbauer family legacy isn't just Clarence's doing. They believe, "the spirit of generosity, the spirit of giving, the spirit of trying to make this community a better place," which combined is something, Mike summarized as the "Scharbauer Spirit," will live on through his four children and many grandchildren.