Companies, Volunteers Help Give Amputee a Repaired Home

Companies, Volunteers Help Give Amputee a Repaired Home

By: Justin Kree

News West 9

Noel Olvera expressed his gratitude over the volunteers and companies who stepped up to remodel his home. Olvera had to get his leg amputated because of diabetes and getting around his house was a challenge.

Permian Homes wanted to help Noel Olvera to make life a little easier since he lost his leg. Family friends, Sunny and Emil Busby, know Olvera from church and they were excited to help with the repairs but more excited to know it was a surprise. 

"He does know there are some modifications done to the house. But he doesn't have a clue of the magnitude that has been made," Busby said.

Her husband works for Permian Homes and knew something had to be done to lift Olvera's spirits.

"We knew he lost his leg. We got in personal contact with him due to the diabetes complications, we knew he needed help. We can't do a lot but we can renovate a house some," Busby said.

Olvera has been suffering from diabetes for about 20 years now. While he was recovering from surgery in the hospital, family and friends would visit him but never reveal all the work that was done to his home.

NewsWest 9 got to go inside the home and see just how much was done and the biggest, most surprising repair was the bathroom. Equipped now with a roll-in shower and handles all around so Olvera wont fall. All the doorways have been re-framed so they can be wide enough for a wheelchair. Not forgetting the ramp outside allowing Olvera to enter and leave his home as he wishes.

"Oh it's great. I'm doing just about anything that I was doing before," Olvera said.

After learning about Permian Homes spearheading the project, we can't forget all the other companies that donated time and supplies to make this surprise a livable dream for Olvera.

Olvera was married to his wife for 32-years and she passed away suddenly a little over a year ago. Instead of giving up, Olvera wants to fight on.

"I dont know what to say, what to do. I'll never be able to thank you enough," Olvera said.

List of Companies who helped out include: Permian Homes employees, including the Owner, David Martin, the President, David Cook. All building supervisors and assistants donated time and or materials included McCoy’s Building Supply, Pinner Carpets, Mason Drywall Supply, Laso Drywall, tile installer Miguel Kyle, J&B Plumbing, White’s Painting, West Texas Builders and from Midland, Kitchen Solutions. As well as about 25 workers were volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.