City of Andrews Looking For a New Leader After Sudden Death of Mayor Bob Zap

City of Andrews Looking For a New Leader After Sudden Death of Mayor Bob Zap
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9 

ANDREWS - Almost a week ago, Andrews lost a great leader and a great man. Mayor Bob Zap passed away after serving  for 17 years.

"It's been a difficult week for the city to absorb losing such a good man," Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, said.

Mayor Zap was laid to rest on Wednesday. Now with the city looking forward, the question is who is going to fill the big shoes?

"The mayors position was open for re-election and since Mayor Zap has passed, it continues to be open. There have been some who have expressed an interest in that," Hackler said.

But as of now, no one has stepped up to run in the next elections. Candidates interested in running only have until next Friday to file with the city.

"I expect a leader to rise up and lead us in a positive direction," Hackler said.

The mayor's spot isn't the only position the town has to fill. As of now, there are currently three openings within the city council which will bring a big change for the town.

"We typically have a lot of continuity and have not had a lot of change on the city council. So this is a little bit new for us, in recent past and change is good, you embrace it and we're going through a great time in the history of our community," Hackler said.

But no matter what's next for the city, the small town will always remember Zap, the man who made his mark on Andrews.

"He was about a legacy, a legacy of serving all the people and doing things that are good for the whole community so that's not lost in all of this," Hackler said.