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NewsWest 9 Facebook Fans React to the Death of Peak Completion Technologies President, CEO

By Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A beloved father, businessman and experienced pilot described who Ray Hofman was. Tragically, his life ended suddenly on Tuesday afternoon when his small plane crashed four miles north of  Breckenridge, Texas, which is northeast of Abilene.

The 38-year-old married father of four had a love for flying and was alone when his WWII plane went down.

According to authorities on the scene, the plane was a "Hawker Sea Fury Plane" which was recently purchased by Hofman and recently restored. While in the air, he experienced problems with the handling and it caused the plane to do a nose-dive into a wooded area.

When news broke of the plane crash and the loss of Ray Hofman, immediately those who knew him shared their pain. The CEO of the Commemorative Air Force wrote a touching entry on his blog. 

When NewsWest 9 posted a picture of him and his family on our NewsWest 9 Facebook Page, over 100 prayers and sympathy came in.

A message from Melonia Mel Roberts Allen wrote, "Blessing goes to his family, my husband is a pilot, so I always worry. So sorry for his family."

Sabrina Valarde said, "God has his reasons, he only takes the good ones first. Prayers to his family and the Peak Completions Family!" Valarde said.

Hoffman was the President and CEO of Peak Completion Technologies, which is an oilfield services company.

Raymond Allen Hoffman leaves behind his wife, Janna, and four sons.
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