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NewsWest 9 Revisits Veteran's Home in Midland That Was Vandalized After U.S. Flag Was Flying Upside Down

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Thomas Flournoy is a 90-year-old veteran who said he woke up Sunday morning to his house vandalized, all because he was flying his American Flag upside down.

"They didn't come and ask me why. They didn't care why I was flying it upside down. They just saw it upside down and took action to call it to my attention," Flournoy said. 

Red, white and blue spray paint was painted on the front of his brick house and written were the words "fix it" with an explicit word and an arrow pointing to his American flag that's hanging upside down.

"Well there's a lot of people who want to know why, and once I explain it to them, they have no problem with me hanging it upside down," Flournoy said.

Flournoy said he's been hanging his flag upside down for at least three years now but nothing like this has ever happened before. He said the reason he does it is to protest against the government.

"I'm just trying to bring attention to the people in Washington, D.C. and how corrupt they are because they take an oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States and they just ignore their oath."

Midland Police are looking into the crime but they said this incident is different from most vandalism's.

"Generally, if you have chronic graffiti in areas they actually have a tag from the person who did the graffiti so we're able to search for the person a little bit easier now since this is something that is targeted. Since we were told by the victim he had a lot of people knocking on his door to ask if he was in distress, it's really hard to narrow down at this point who it could have been," Sarah Higgins, Public Information Officer for Midland, said.

But even after everything, Flournoy said he will continue to defend what he believes in.

"I love this document and I love that flag. Without the constitution, we wouldn't even have a flag," Flournoy said.
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