Big Spring Economic Development Committee Meeting Gets Heated Over Spending Costs

Big Spring Economic Development Committee Meeting Gets Heated Over Spending Costs

By: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring Economic Development Corporation Meeting got heated on Tuesday night, it was all over new policy and procedures some board members want to implement. There is no question the EDC meeting, at times, was out of line by both board members and the public.

Overall, the most controversial topic was spending.

"You sit there and laugh at people who come up here and talk," one citizen, said.

"I believe staying at the Drexel Hotel at $300 a night and room service was $35 and $45," Board Member, Nati Saldivar, said.

When talking about these spending costs, Executive Director, Terry Wegman's response was, "if you're going to be a player at those events, you need to be at those venues."
It was said that board members even signed off on those costs. But some board members want to alter or fix the way spending is conducted by all board members.

"We're spending money prior to anybody approving it. Only time it comes to the table is after it's spent," Board Member, Frances Hobbs, said

After much discussion, board members realized they weren't getting anywhere. Board President, Don Avant, said he wanted every board member to write down what their own opinion should be of policy and procedure regarding spending.

Avant went on to say that he and Wegman will sit down and figure out what would be fair when attending EDC trips or conferences.

Some of the public were happy with the board and encouraged them not to get discouraged with each other.

"We want to see this thing run like a business. We want our town to prosper and you are the guys we're trusting with this," One citizen said at the meeting. 

Overall, Wegman agrees that better policy should be in place with spending.

"Certainly, with five different inputs, it's going to take some collaboration and some consensus. So we'll do what we can to get it done quickly and see if it can be accomplished," Wegman said.

If a special EDC meeting takes place on policy and procedures, NewsWest 9 will let you know.