Ector County Warrant Round Up Kicks Off

Ector County Warrant Round Up Kicks Off
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Tuesday marked the start of the 8th Annual Great Texas Warrant Round Up and Ector County has a lot of unpaid fines. In fact, the county has over 8,500 warrants.

"Every year, the State of Texas does a warrant round up to try and encourage everyone to try and take care of their past due stuff so that they don't have to go to jail," Wanda Modarelli, Director of Ector County Compliance Department, said.

That's exactly where you're headed if you don't pay up and it doesn't matter what kind of crime you've committed.

"Any kind of warrants. It could be a warrant from traffic violation all the way up to parole or probation violations," Modarelli said.

To take care of your warrants, you can go to the Compliance Department inside the Ector County Courthouse or you can pay them at the kiosk outside the courthouse, which is available 24 hours a day. With it being that time of year for tax returns, the Ector County Compliance Department said they hope people choose wisely.

"It's the time of year that people are getting their income tax back so we want to remind them this is what they should think of first," Modarelli said.

The Compliance Department also said that law enforcement won't hesitate to come make sure you pay.

"I would be totally embarrassed if they came and drug me out of my work, school, restaurant or even at home so I would take care of it now," Modarelli said.

If you are unsure if you have any outstanding warrants, head over to the Odessa Police Department website, click on community, then online databases, active warrants and search for your name.