Forsan I.S.D. Marks "Historic" Day With Groundbreaking of New Elementary School

Forsan I.S.D. Marks "Historic" Day With Groundbreaking of New Elementary School

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

FORSAN - It was a big day for the community of Forsan. They broke ground on the town's new elementary school.

The current elementary campus has been around for decades.

From past generations to future ones, a big crowed turned out to see the beginning of a new chapter in Forsan's history.

"This marks a point where we can actually start seeing some tangible progress out here," Forsan ISD Superintendent, Randy Johnson, said.

On Monday, the Forsan school district broke ground at the site of the new elementary campus.

The project comes after voters approved a nearly $24 million school bond election last May.

The current Elbow Elementary School has a lot of history and a special place in people's hearts in the area.

"I actually went to first and second grade at Elbow," third grade teacher, Tammie Jones, said. "I had a son come through Elbow and I've actually been teaching there two different times."

The district outgrew the campus and that wasn't the only problem. The building was built back in the 1950's.

"Of course anything that was built back in that time span has asbestos issues, lead paint issues and some plumbing and things that buried underneath the concrete," Johnson said.

Now that construction can begin, parents have a lot to look forward to. The new campus is being built next to the junior high and high school.

Right now, Elbow is about 12 miles away from the other schools.

"It's kind of hard to do things over here with the junior high and the high school kids, especially because I've got kids at both schools," Jeanette Lindsey, a second grade teacher and parent, said.

School officials said the new elementary will also benefit the district as a whole, given their small size.

"We can share staff back and forth," Johnson said. "Our elementary students will have the advantage of having secondary students come and reading with them and working with them."

Once it's complete, the building will have a lot more space, more classrooms and features specific to teachers' needs.

"I was very thankful that we've had administration that sat down with each grade level and said what do you want in a classroom, what do you want in a school," Jones said.

We're told it was a team effort; one made possible by the people.

"It does take a whole community to raise kids and to do a good job in education and we're very blessed to have that support," Johnson said.

The new campus should be completed and ready by August of 2015.