Friends, Colleagues Speak Out After Long Time Mayor of Andrews Dies

Friends, Colleagues Speak Out After Long Time Mayor of Andrews Dies
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The small town of Andrews is mourning a big loss. On Saturday, Andrews Mayor Bob Zap, passed away after being hospitalized for about a week.

"Well to me Mayor Zap was a very unassuming leader. He is one of the greatest individuals I have ever met in my life," Andrews Chief of Police, Bud Jones, said.

"Mayor Zap was always happy always had a very positive attitude," Julia Wallace, Executive Director of the Andrews Chamber of Commerce, said.
Zap would have been 85 years old next month. He served as the Mayor of Andrews since 1997. On Monday, flags throughout town flew half staff to honor his legacy.

"He was one of a kind in the sense he had his own unique style of governing and that was to govern for the people," Jones said.

The Mayor has brought a lot of great things to the community. Like industrial parks, the truck reliever route and even the Andrews Water Park. It's clear that Zap made a huge mark on the town. He was even citizen of the year back in 1993.

"I think that we know it's a great loss to Andrews. I think that we know that it's going to be some tough shoes to fill," Wallace said.

Being a great leader wasn't the only thing Mayor Zap was known for, Chief  Jones was a good friend of the mayor and he said Zap had many other hobbies.

"He was a great gardener. He enjoyed giving plants, particularity tomato plants. He gave those to council men and city leaders," Wallace said.

One thing is for sure the Mayor will be missed by the community he made his mark on.

"He was an honest man and a good man and we'll really miss him," Wallace said.

"He'll be missed. He was not only a leader but he was a friend," Jones said.