Water Flowing Again in Gardendale, Still Under Boil Water Notice

Water Flowing Again in Gardendale, Still Under Boil Water Notice

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - It's bittersweet news for residents of Gardendale. The water is flowing again after nearly an entire day without it. 

The boil water notice is still in effect for Gardendale until Tuesday. As a local business owner tells NewsWest 9, water was flying off the shelves and it was flying fast.

"We were sold out," Mike Hill, owner of Mike's Country Store in Gardendale, said.

Hill says his business always has the water flowing because he runs on a water well. For those who depend on water from Greater Gardendale, they were not as fortunate.

"Any cooking, it has bothered," Gardendale resident, Zack Fulton, said.

Other residents, especially most who live in RV parks, couldn't bathe, cook or wash their car for almost the entire day on Saturday. Their plans changed when the water flow changed.

"When they advise you to not drink your water, you might want to stock up," Fulton said.

NewsWest 9 did speak with a couple who have a water backup hooked to their RV. Like a water well, it's the perfect remedy for situations like this.

Since the boil water notice started, Mike says in a matter of hours they sold out of all 50 gallons of water.

The shortage was caused by a leak around the pump station area at the Greater Gardendale Water Supply Corporation. Water was restored late Saturday night. NewsWest 9 did speak with the company over the phone but they declined to comment. Their voicemail, however, does advise residents to boil water until noon on Tuesday.

In the voicemail, they say, "Also on Sunday, please be conservative so we can fill up the lines and the elevated tank and the ground storage tanks".

"Yes it is, I guess, a pain. But it's part of life," Fulton said.

"I like it out here. Just don't like having to boil water," Hill said.