Andrews Mayor Bob Zap Dies

Andrews Mayor Bob Zap Dies

By Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - We have new information on the death of Andrews Mayor Bob Zap. We're told Zap died on Saturday after battling an illness. 
NewsWest 9 sat down with Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, and we talked about the life and career of Mayor Bob Zap.

One man wanted to make Andrews a better place to work, go to school, and live. Since 1997, Mayor Bob Zap did just that. 

"He just had wisdom and forward thinking. I never heard a bad thing said about Bob Zap," Hackler said.

During Zap's almost 17 year reign as Mayor, Hackler said he could talk to someone with just as importance as a seven year old child to a nuclear physicists.

Zap was also a pastor and overall loving community leader.

"We all work well together. It's a collective leadership. Mayor Zap worked well with others, he would want us to continue to work together to fulfill our stewardship and our commitment to the people here," Hackler said.

The 85-year old Mayor was hospitalized about a week ago and Hackler says he was able to see the Mayor on Friday.

Hackler told him that he was more than a friend and always looked up to him.

As difficult as it may be right now for the city of Andrews, Hackler told NewsWest 9 what will happen next for the city.

"We have a mayor pro-temp that will fill that position until another Mayor is elected in May," Hackler said.

NewsWest 9 asked Hackler if finding another beloved mayor be hard?

"You don't fill the shoes of someone like Bob Zap. What you do is try to incorporate what they were about and move forth on that vision into the future. But right now, we're just going to mourn this great loss.

There is no word yet on funeral arrangements.