Florists See a Rush on Valentine's Day

Florists See a Rush on Valentine's Day

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Florists like those at Ideal Flower Arrangements in Odessa have been at it all day with deliveries and trying to keep their coolers stocked for those last minute sweet hearts.

"Whatever they've got left in inventory. They're just going to make magic with those," Ideal Flower Arrangements Owner, Mauricio Quintilla, said.

HEB, like many florist around town, say they've already replenished three or four times and what was out is all they have left on this Valentine's Day.

But the day of can get stressful and cost you a pretty penny.

""I'm here to pick up something for my wife. Money is not the issue," Valentine's Day Shopper, William Allison Jr., said.

William says long 12 hour days in the oilfield kept him from getting his sweetheart something sooner, but he is still determined

"I know I can't come home without them," Allison said.

"In the past we've had people come in after six, seven. I remember a customer came in after nine. Yeah, it's that kind of occasion," Quintilla said.

But a few of those customers like, Alonzo Acoasta, got his valentine order in way ahead of time.

"I've been married 23 years, so I learned the first year," Acoasta said.

Acoasta had some words of advice for those new to the game.

"If you want to keep them happy, you need to take some time off. About a week or so before and don't forget the chocolates," Acoasta said.

But if not, the folks at Ideal Flower Arrangements and HEB say they've got you covered.

"Never feel like it's too late. There is always something that can be worked out and we love to collaborate," Quintilla said.

Whether last minute or not, flowers can always be a special gesture for that special someone on Valentine's Day.