Odessa Police Looking Into Possible Case of Animal Cruelty

Odessa Police Looking Into Possible Case of Animal Cruelty

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa homeowner is on edge. He found his dog severely hurt after a possible attack.

Police are now investigating to see if this is a case of animal cruelty.

The owner said his pet almost bled to death from his injuries.

Like so many others, Ruben Hernandez considers his pets like family, so what he woke up to early Thursday morning was devastating.

"The dog was trying to get our attention, it was whimpering and stuff," Hernandez said. "He was visibly fatigued, you could tell he lost a lot of blood."

The dog named Manson had been outside in the backyard for the night.

Hernandez went outside and found the pit bull-terrier mix with deep cuts across his face.

He believes someone was trying to get into the house and was startled by the dog.

"I looked at the fence there were no signs of visible fur, any blood, or any blood loss so I know for a fact it wasn't from any foreign objects in my yard," Hernandez said.

Odessa Animal Control went to the home to make a report. They're looking into the possibility of animal cruelty.

"They'll take that information once they get it altogether and take it to the detectives who will determine whether it's animal cruelty or whatever, if there's a case," Lt. Jerry Harvell said.

Harvell said even if this is determined to be a violent attack on an animal, cases like it are rare.

"At this time, the dog only shows to be injured and there's no way to prove how it was injured," Harvell said.

But Hernandez said there could be evidence to know for sure.

"I do have cameras set up at my house so I'm currently looking through the footage," Hernandez said. "It takes a while to look through all that footage."

Hernandez said he's just glad Manson is alive and hopes whoever is responsible is found.

"My dog is 14-years-old. He's an elderly dog," Hernandez said. "You know, he might be toward the end of his days but no dog at all, whether it's toward the end of its days or not, deserves to be put through something like this."

Manson is recovering at Angel Vet Clinic in Odessa and is expected to be okay.