Olympic Sport of Curling Increasing Curiosity

Olympic Sport of Curling Increasing Curiosity

By Danielle Leigh
NBC News

MARYLAND - With the Olympics now in full swing, winter sports around the country are seeing an uptick in business.

Some call it shuffleboard on ice, others bowling with a twist.

The Olympics sport challenges athletes to deliver stones closest to a goal.

It's anything but easy.

I joined the hundreds of newbies, curious enough to sign up for a lesson at Maryland's Potomac Curling Club.

Most of them say the Olympics has created a fascination with the sport.

"It almost looks like house work until you try it," Lane Tapley, said.

If the sliding lunge on ice isn't enough, just try the vigorous sweeping.

No trouble for most of the kids but the adults?

"It actually requires a lot of balance and core and balance," Sara Cabrera said.

Apparently, the harder you sweep, the more the ice melts, reducing the friction.

"The sweepers can extend the distance the stone goes and turn it into a point," Curling Instructor, Kevin White, said.

The 16th century sport started in Scotland, but hundreds of years later, Americans are just now catching on.

The more they understand, the clearer one thing becomes. Curling requires much more athleticism than they thought.

According to the U.S. Curling Association about 16,000 Americans are currently registered at more than 165 clubs in 40 the United States.