Stripes Responds to Midland Woman Finding Piece of Latex Glove in Burrito From Store

Stripes Responds to Midland Woman Finding Piece of Latex Glove in Burrito From Store

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland woman is looking for answers after she made a shocking discovery in her burrito on Wednesday. She said she was halfway through eating her burrito she found something gross.

The woman bought the burrito from a local Stripes convenience store.

NewsWest 9 saw the picture circulating on social media and reached out to the woman. She didn't want to show her face but she said she walked into the Stripes off of Wadley and Lamesa Highway in Midland to grab something quick for lunch, but in the end, she wound up with an empty stomach.

For just 86 cents, Cynthia Corrigan bought herself a fried burrito.

"I just wanted to stop by and get one, I hadn't had one in I don't know how long," Corrigan said. "I couldn't wait."

But she got more than she bargained for after a few bites.

"I was using taco sauce and when I was looking at my burrito to put it in, that's when I noticed the little blue speck in there," Corrigan said.

She thought it was a piece of foil.

"I didn't even know what to expect at that point what was coming out of there, it was so gross," Corrigan said.

Corrigan said that blue speck turned out to be the finger of a latex glove.

"It was nauseating. I kinda yelled and my boss came and asked me what was wrong," she said. "Luckily no finger in it!"

Corrigan immediately called the store and spoke with the manager who told her the burritos come from a vendor.

"They just fry them at their store locally so nothing is done here to prepare them," she said.

Still, the manager told her to call the corporate offices and she did.

"I filled out my incident report and he refunded my money for the one burrito," Corrigan said.

NewsWest 9 also reached out to Stripes and they tell us the burrito was a "pre-packaged good supplied by a third party vendor" and what happened was "unacceptable."

The company said although they believe this is an isolated incident, they've removed all related product and have notified the vendor.

Corrigan said she isn't looking for any freebies. She just wants someone to take responsibility.

"It could've been someone with an allergy to latex, it could've been a child eating it and possibly choked on it," Corrigan said. "Numerous things could've happened and I'm just glad it was me."

So will she go back?

"Maybe for a soda but not food," Corrigan said.

Even though it wasn't a good experience, Cynthia said she's happy with how it's being handled.

"He genuinely apologized, shook my hand and thanked me for being a customer and that's all I could ask for," Corrigan said.

The company's management team has been in direct contact with Corrigan since they got word of what happened.

Stripes also said they work hard everyday to make sure customers receive safe and fresh food.