City of Andrews Continues to Grow, Breaking Records

City of Andrews Continues to Grow, Breaking Records
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - On Thursday night, the City Council heard from Andrews Economic Development on what's to come for this year and with new businesses popping up all around the town It's no surprise that last year the town broke their annual sales tax record by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2013 was a big year for Andrews. Dominos and McAlister's both broke their own sale records in town so it shouldn't be too shocking that the city broke some records of their own. Andrews sales tax was over $7.4 million last year, the highest its ever been, that's about $300,000 more than 2012. Even more surprising, they doubled their numbers from 2010. It's safe to say the city is booming.

"Our retail market now is growing so I think we are going to get a little more attention from national chains," Wesley Burnett, Director of Andrews Economic Development, said.

Burnett did confirm that national chains are looking at the small town but he can't say who just yet. On Thursday night, the economic development council will present their yearly review to the City Council to talk about what's to come for 2014.

"A lot of our goals are ongoing so we give a report on the status on where we are on each goal from last year and if it pertains to the next year then we kind of make that connection," Burnett said.

Some of those goals are continuing to create more jobs in the area, expand on the airport, and one of the biggest items, Business Park West.

"It's 190 acres plus or minus that we are using as an incentive for businesses that are in the energy sector. We have land available that we'll use as an incentive as a grant to a business that wants to make a capital investment of a building," Burnett said.

The town has one thing in mind for the year the come.

"Just continuing to make sure that Andrews is forward thinking, business friendly for businesses to expand here," Burnett said.