Midland County Could See Specialty Court for Veterans

Midland County Could See Specialty Court for Veterans
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- They fought for our country and protected our lives, now Midland County wants to pay it forward to the veterans who have helped us so much.
"We approved Monday in court the application for a grant to fund specialty court known as the Veterans Court in Midland," Midland County Judge, Mike Bradford, said.

If the county receives the grant, the new specialty court will help veterans who have been charged with misdemeanors. It's all in an effort to find the right kind of help and treatment that veterans may need.

"This is an opportunity to put them in a corridor of nothing but focused, positive help that will deal with their specific issue," Bradford said.

Bradford says if approved this would be the first court of it's kind in the Basin. He said there's a big need for this here in West Texas.

"You'll see them sitting perhaps outdoors somewhere, we have some that come in the library downtown regularly and you want to help them but it's kind of hard when you can't direct them through court action to get that help," Bradford said.

Bradford also said the goal is to lead the men in woman down the right path. In fact, he says this court will not put veterans behind bars.

"It gives an opportunity to get those individuals treatment rather than just take them and lock them up in jail. It deals more with intervention, it deals more with advocacy and it deals more with the proper medications and that's where the VA comes in," Bradford said.

The county will know if the grant gets approved by this September. If they do get the go ahead, the new court will start as early as this December.