UTPB Brings Art to Rural Students With Traveling Art Class

UTPB Brings Art to Rural Students With Traveling Art Class

by Audrey Castoreno

NewsWest 9

PECOS - It's called Pots and Prints. It's an idea sparked up by two UTPB Art Professors who saw that budget cuts were keeping kids from experiencing different art.

"Because of budget shortfalls and excessive fuel costs, high school kids from our region couldn't come to the university as easily as years past," Chris Stanley, UTPB Associate Professor of Art, said.

With the help of a federal grant funded by the art works program, as well as support and donations from the community, UTPB was able to obtain the funds to create Pots and Prints and travel to students instead.

"These kids are incredibly creative kids. It's just you need to have the right tools to unleash this activity," Stanley said.

With the traveling art class, UTPB will hit 30 schools in 30 weeks. They'll be able to show them printing, firing and of course, pottery making.

Just like their trip to Pecos High School, the kids seemed intrigued with learning and taking part in these new forms of art, no matter how messy it got.

"It feels pretty good. Learning different stuff, different ways of art," Pecos High School Sophomore, Victor Duenas, said.

"We hope that this continues and we hope that it not only recruits kids to come to UTPB but it also helps with regional art," Stanley said.