Martin County's Most Wanted Fugitive Caught Over The Weekend

Martin County's Most Wanted Fugitive Caught Over The Weekend
By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - He hid for a while, but this past weekend, the Martin County sheriff's office finally caught Joe Bush.

Bush was wanted on several warrants out of the county that stemmed from a spree of burglaries and a high speed chase back in November. Bush was caught at the Economy Inn in Midland. Sheriff John Woodward told NewsWest 9, sometimes a little persistence pays off.

"(We've) been dealing with Joe Waylon Bush a lot. This is his second or third arrest. He's been pretty elusive. The more we've made contact with his associates, the more criminal activity has been uncovered," Sheriff Woodward said.

Sheriff Woodward said although Bush was in Midland, his department's affiliation with the Lone Star Fugitive Task force allows him to cross county lines to make an arrest.

"(We) contacted the local authorities as a courtesy and got their blessing," he said. "Bush did have weapons with him but we were able to apprehend him without incident."

The sheriff added it wasn't easy to get information on Bush's whereabouts.

"A lot of deception. Everything tied to this was swimming in a sea of deception. There was a lot of nonsense we had to cut through," he explained.

He praised his team and said they cut through the nonsense, and in the end, did a good job.

"The guys here at the sheriff's office are amazing. They put in a lot of extra hours looking for this guy," Woodward said.

NewsWest 9 was told more charges against Bush are pending.