Hopeful Family Shares Struggles of Adoption

Hopeful Family Shares Struggles of Adoption
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Sarah and Jon Stephan have two children of their own but they say their family isn't complete just yet.

"Adoption is something we always wanted to do, always knew we would do. But with this particular adoption it kind of came out of left field, we didn't anticipate doing an international adoption," hopeful parent, Sarah Stephan, said.

But that's exactly where their headed and now the Midland community is coming together and helping them in ways they could have never imagined. So far, the community has given the Stephan family over $5,000 towards their adoption.

"The investment they have made in us. It's been huge and it's not taken for granted," Stephan said.

The Stephan's met their future son, Yuan Li, last summer when their friends were serving as a host family for the six year old boy and on a limb they decided to adopt. But international adoptions are not cheap. In fact, adopting from China will cost the family at least $45,000  but it doesn't end there Yuan Li has medical needs that will cost the family even more but they say that's not going to hold them back.

"His medical needs and his age and stuff, the chance of him being adopted maybe wasn't as great as a newborn baby. A lot of folks would rather adopt a newborn," Stephan said.

The next big payment is around the corner and with communities help the family has started a fundraiser of their own in hopes to raise $37,000 in 37 days.

"Trying to raise awareness for us and help us come up with ways to raise the funds, kind of making people aware of what we're doing," Stephan said. 

If you would like to help the Stephan family, click here