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Ector County Courthouse Has America's First Pay Kiosk

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By: Justin Kree
News West 9

ODESSA- The Ector County Courthouse has a new kiosk right outside their front door. Now you can walk right up and  pay your fines and fees without waiting in long line.

It may look like a simple kiosk outside the public entrance of the Courthouse. But what you don't know is no other court in the area, in the state of Texas or even in the United States, has this new technology.

NewsWest 9 sat down with Ector County Judge, Susan Redford, to get an understanding on this new idea and the driving force as to why it came about.

"Normally, they would have to go to out Compliance Department to make any payments. The amount of traffic we have through that office is tremendous and at times overwhelming so when the Director of the Compliance Department brought this idea to the commissioners court, we were very excited being to help to relieve some of the workload they are experiencing right now," Redford said.

The new kiosk is up and running and Redford is happy so far with the results. The courts highest volume for paying fines is Class "C" misdemeanors but Redford tells NewsWest 9, mostly any case that you owe payments on can use the kiosk.

The Judge says this is helpful to the public as well.

"They have a job, they work 8-5. So this gives them the ability when they get off work or on their way to work to stop by and go ahead and make payment," Redford said.

The first step in operating the kiosk is to choose the language of English or Spanish and to choose your method of payment, cash, credit or debit.
Once you type in all required information, your case will come up. You can also make partial payments as well.

With the kiosk already a success, Redford hopes to expand the program in the future.

"If in time this grows, very possibly, we could continue to expand and add additional kiosk's," Redford said.

The kiosk can be used 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.