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Super Bowl Brings More Profit, Work to Local Businesses

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Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Whether you watched for the commercials, halftime or the actual game, the majority of us tuned in to the Super Bowl. That's what many businesses literally bank on, that you flock to buy out the last of the Velveeta or invest in a new TV to wow those coming to party at your house. Or even that you scope seats hours before the show at your favorite sports bars and grill  and get some extra booze and appetizers in the process.

With all that demand, businesses must be equipped to supply it. Places like Buffalo Wild Wings and Best Buy know how to handle game time as they bring all hands on deck.

"Staffing. Staffing is our main situation," Roy Duran, General Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, said, "We key on making sure we have a full kitchen crew along with a waiting staff crew, bartenders, management crew, everyone's here all at once."

Duran, who's been a manager for three years said he's gotten used to the rush, and has trained his workers on what to expect.

According to him, the To-go orders would be, "phenomenal, but I've got a kitchen crew that will knock that food out really, really fast." He added that at times, it isn't unusual for his employees to get frantic. But he said the management team and crew "go in for the assist" so the workers aren't as busy or frustrated if they get in the weeds or in a bind. 

Duran has also picked up some other tricks of the trade that are all too common to other restaurants. 

"It helps to close up a section that way, I get the proper service to the people that need it. If I open up a section and don't have enough people, then these people are the ones that are disgruntled and never will get service," he said. 

Although Duran said Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't typically see a big profit bump to their business on game day, it has been a different story at Best Buy.

"This is definitely a extension of Christmas with the amount of people that come in for these televisions," Jeremy Lunsford, General Manager at Best Buy, said.  

Best Buy puts most of their TV's on sale for game time and offers special financing during this time of year. They even have a new design center that according to Lunsford showcases, "some of the highest end stuff in the world for that great football experience." "Super Bowl's a multi-media event so you can look it up on your tablets, your computers and televisions and you've gotta have the fridges and items to keep stuff in, as well as cameras or whatever it is to take pictures of your events," he said.
He said that every year the Super Bowl has been getting bigger and bringing in a lot of profit. But they also focus on something else:  "It's great top be apart of that and change people's lives as far as technology is concerned, bring them together, closer maybe, around a large TV or a TV they're looking for," Lunsford said. 

Both businesses say it's good service that's most important to them and that they're ready to handle their next high demand day.