Pro-Life Organization "Cookiecotts" the Girl Scouts of America

Pro-Life Organization "Cookiecotts" the Girl Scouts of America

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

The organization, Pro-Life Waco, claims the Girl Scouts of America align themselves with liberal leaders and organizations. Now, to make a statement, Pro-Life Waco wants all Texans to join their efforts and not purchase a single box of girl scout cookies.

It started with a retweet by the Girl Scouts of America to an article by the Huffington Post. The article features the most influential women from 2013, including Texas Senator Wendy Davis, noted for her views in favor of pro-choice and pro-choice activist Gloria Steinem.

"This is just not the Girl Scouts of decades ago and it has become a left-leaning organization," John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco, said.

On the Pro-Life Waco COOKIECOTT 2014 web page, they simply ask others to hand Girl Scouts a COOKIECOTT flyer that explains why they won't buy the cookies. The organization also bought radio ads that air during the Lynn Wooley Show at several Texas radio stations. The Girl Scouts of America says these claims could not be more false.

"They are claiming things that are simply not true. They are claiming that we have a relationship with organizations and individuals with which we do not have a relationship with," Lolis Garcia-Baab, Spokeswoman for Girl Scouts of Central Texas, said.

They are hoping this COOKIECOTT will not hurt the hard work and integrity of the Girl Scouts.

"We feel badly because we don't want our volunteers or our girls to be approached by individuals that have this misinformation. We do not have any connection with Planned Parenthood, with Wendy Davis, with Planned Parenthood curriculum, all of these allegations that they make," Garcia-Baab said.

Pro-Life Waco assures that through this boycott they have no intentions of offending the young girls or their cookie sales. Their main focus is geared toward the bigger picture.
"Stop being this kind of an organization. Stop aligning yourself with organizations and individuals who are noted for their support of abortion," Pisciotta said.

This isn't the first COOKIECOTT by Pro-Life Waco. Their last one was in 2004 because of the Bluebonnet Girl Scout Council's sponsorship to an event by Planned Parenthood and honoring the Planned Parenthood CEO in Waco as a "woman of distinction."